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Sebastian Baert

Executive & Team Coach
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Born in France, I have studied, worked and lived on three continents. For the last ten years, I have been living in Singapore. I am fluent in French and English and maintain a level of Mandarin that allows me to survive almost everywhere in China.

Holding a Master’s degree in Law, I started my career as a tax specialist and then as an M&A project manager for the SANOFI Group.

Subsequently, after obtaining a Double MBA (NYU Stern / HEC Paris), I continued my career as an investment banker (BNP PARIBAS), corporate finance advisor and founding investor in companies in the health and technology sectors.

In parallel to my consulting activities with start-ups, I completed an Executive Master in Change Management at INSEAD to better understand the complexity of the relationship between people, companies and their leaders.

I trained in executive coaching at Churchill College (Cambridge – U.K.), in team coaching at the GTCI and in group dynamics with the A.K. Rice Institute in the United States. I am proficient in the use of several popular psychometric tools, including the Hogan assessment suites (HPI, HDS, MPVI). I am certified ACC-level by the ICF (International Coach Federation) and a member of the International network of coaches of

When I am not advising my clients, I devote my free time to writing, reading, trekking in Asia (Tibet, Nepal), running, practising some asanas and some meditations learnt during some retreats in China, Nepal and India.

Focus is the quintessential component of superior performance in every activity.

Timothy Gallwey


"Sebastien is a seasoned coach who made me feel comfortable to share my inner thoughts right from the start. He asked me astute questions at the right moments, and this helped me gain a deeper sense of self-awareness - something that I would not be able to achieve on my own. During one session, he held the space as I shared my vulnerabilities and self-doubts, and he skillfully guided me to put together a clear action plan to move ahead. If you are looking for a deeply empathetic and supportive coach, I highly recommend that you work with Sebastien."

Marc, Principal Consultant and Facilitator, Singapore

“Sebastien started as my coach and confidant during one of my most challenging times in my life and career. He is very sensitive to the needs of a CEO who likes to figure things out on our own and adroit in providing a necessary nudge at times, based on his own career experience. I would recommend him to anyone seeking a caring, discerning and firm coach.”

Bjorn, CEO, Singapore

“When I moved from Singapore to Vietnam, leaving my corporate job to a very entrepreneurial endeavor, Sebastien was my coach. It was a big life transition and challenging time. Sebastien is extremely patient, calm and collective. I like his step-by-step approach where he will insert positiveness in small actions which requires execution and follow up. I would recommend him as a coach!”

Mina, Serial-Entrepreneur, Vietnam

“I have had the benefit of being coached by Sebastien on more than one occasion over the past few years. As the founder of multiple growing business, it has been incredibly helpful to have someone like Sebastien who can be a trusted and independent sounding board. His coaching has been most valuable in helping me gain fresh perspectives and to open up to possibilities that I might otherwise have missed. His modest and unassuming approach belies his formidable combination of intellect, curiosity and empathy that make him uniquely suited to “walk alongside” his coachees while at the same time, supporting them on their own journey of personal growth. For anyone looking for a thoughtful and committed coach, I have no hesitation in recommending Sebastien.”

Stanley, CEO, Singapore

“In 2018 I had just relocated from Singapore to Hong Kong to set up our business there. I felt the need to step up on me being a leader and exercising leadership. A friend of mine felt that a business coach will be a good structure for me and recommended Sebastien. In the six months that he coached me, he helped me dive deeper into my motivations and aspirations as the founder of my company. He also challenged me to come up with structures that supported me as our business expands. I would definitely recommend creating Sebastien as a structure for your personal and professional growth.”

Logan, CEO, Singapore

"Sebastien has been an excellent business coach in helping me carve a new direction for my business. He has also been very helpful in opening his networks to me, which I am forever grateful for."

Yvan, Organizational Consultant and Author, Hong Kong

My clients

_ _  Are senior executives and entrepreneurs from the financial services, healthcare, luxury goods and retail sectors.

_ _  Value my professional experiences in international groups, investment banking and law as well as in entrepreneurship because we speak the same language.

_ _  Rely on my calm and resolutely optimistic posture to look at their challenges and questionings with curiosity and confidence.

_ _  Appreciate my "bullish" coaching approach which encourages them to set short-term transactional goals and much more ambitious objectives. To reach these goals, we need to get out of our comfort zone so that coaching becomes a space for great learning and emulation.