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Sebastien has been an excellent business coach in helping me carve a new direction for my business."

Ivan, Organizational Conultant & Author, Hong Kong

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It is common to say that the world is getting more complex and uncertain. For you, company or team leaders, this implies being able to think, set a direction, and act with ever greater efficiency.

But it also requires you to motivate your people, communicate clearly, manage conflicts, broaden your repertoire of skills, listen with empathy, led by example while being agile and resilient. In short, you need to perform well and adapt (or even pivot) constantly.

Faced with your challenges and questionings, you juggle most of the time alone. However, exploring in pair allows to open up new perspectives, avoid the torments of sterile introspection, make more substantial commitments and, above all, learn faster.

For these reasons, being coached has become an essential step in the success of any leader.

My approach
to coaching

My intention, as a coach, is to enable you to apprehend and analyze your professional struggles from a new angle.

Indeed, looking at a situation in a different way is often an excellent starting point to be able to engage in it differently and change it.


Point of
view is
eighty IQ

Alan Kay

My services

Executive Coaching

My Executive Coach’s intervention aims to assist the company director in a timely and specific way or in a more global approach to meet his or her professional challenges.

Once the coaching objectives have been defined, we are going through alternating between phases of analysis and feedback to establish the best itinerary and, stages of movement where action becomes the vector of progression.

Defined by mutual agreement, the duration of the intervention extends over three months renewable up to 12 months, sometimes longer.

Leadership Assessment

My Leadership Assessment intervention aims to identify through personality analysis tools (1) your leadership style, (2) your strengths but also (3) your risk areas, and to establish (4) a development plan adapted to your role.

In addition to the use of standardized analysis tools (e.g. Hogan Suite), the intervention can give rise to the observation of your leadership in situ for half a day or a full day.

Team Coaching

My work with leadership teams consists of strengthening the collective dimensions of the team, contributing to its performance. It includes developing relationships internally and with all stakeholders so that the team can generate a high level of added value.

There are five such collective elements: the context, the team’s attributions, the team’s characteristics, the internal dynamics and the processes in place.

The intervention begins with a global diagnosis of the team established in collaboration with the Team Leader and, generally, continues over one year with a series of workshops.