Manager & Leader

Leadership is the art of giving people a platform to spread ideas that work.

Seth Godin

As an executive coach, I assist managers and leaders of companies of various sizes across the entire length of career stages: from the leader onboarding - the famous first 100 days - to the transition phase in a context of reconversion.

In each situation, my interventions aim to develop or reinforce the managerial performance and autonomy of my clients by assisting them in acquiring not only new strategic and relational skills, but also reflective capacities and resilience. 

In particular, I help leaders build their influence, unite their teams around a common project and act with courage and authenticity in a “to walk the talk” managerial approach. This approach is based on the simple idea that the leader of today and tomorrow is not a resource who has the answer to all the problems facing his or her company, but a team leader who adopts a posture that encourages everyone to invest a high level of trust and commitment in the collective project. 

Faced with increasing complexity, this leader is capable of creating the right conditions for each of the company’s driving forces to express their “best professional self”, remain motivated and grow with the project. 


Taking up the job

  • Competency diagnosis (360, Hogan Test) and establishment of a development needs plan and follow-up.
  • Analysis of the role and associated expectations.
  • Support in drawing up the action plan (100 1st days, priorities, points of vigilance)

Managerial performance

  • Competency diagnosis (development interviews, 360, Hogan Test) and establishment of a development needs plan and follow-up.
  • Leadership development (e.g. vision, posture, communication, self-confidence) and influence internally and externally

Career transition

  • Skills assessment
  • Co-establisment of the career plan
  • Support in the implementation phase (job search, interviewing, simulated job interviews)

Building resilience

  • Work-out on self-confidence
  • Development of emotional intelligence
  • Learning to learn from mistakes
  • Work on the state of mind (growth, paradoxical mindset)

Development of systems thinking

  • Development of a systemic approach lens
  • Work on curiosity and open-mindedness
  • Work on reflective skills (putting things into perspective, taking stock, letting go)