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Vision alone is not enough

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Date de publication : mai 2020

Rédaction : Sebastien BAERT

“When a leader’s appeal rests on a vision alone, #leadership is not whole.”

In his #mustreads contribution, the Professor Gianpiero Petriglieri from #INSEAD demonstrates how critical it is, in times of #uncertainty, for a business leader to hold the space (i.e. work to contain and interpret what’s happening). He claims that in those circumstances, inspiring others through offering a #vision is not enough.

Here containing refers to the ability to soothe distress and interpreting to the ability to help others make sense of a confusing predicament. Leaders shall be able to think clearly, offer reassurance, orient people and help them stick together. That work is a precondition for #inspiringothers.

As a result of good holding, individuals and here employees become more comfortable and courageous. It makes them.

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Vision alone is not enough - mai 2020 - article réalisé par Sebastien BAERT

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