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How could we choose better leaders ?

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Publish date : June 2020

Written by : Sebastien BAERT

In his recent contribution, Dr Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic discusses why we tend to favour charisma over humility when choosing our leaders.

He advocates that “if we are seriously interested in having more humble leaders, we should start:
– Focus less on confidence and more on competence;
– de-emphasize the importance of charisma;
– develop the right expertise, and make the right effort, to evaluate people’s actual rather than self-perceived talent;
– understand that arrogance is only a strength if we are intimidated by it; and
– accept the 21st-century reality that the essence of leadership is not hyper-masculine

In my opinion, if we assume that humility is one of the critical foundational qualities of any leadership, one may also consider starting with oneself.

It means to experience what humility is about, to reflect on its benefits. Eventually, it would also mean to cultivate such quality at the individual level notwithstanding one’s role (i.e. a leader or a follower).

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How could we choose better leaders ? - June 2020 - article réalisé par Sebastien BAERT

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