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To cultivate patience in an impatient world

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Publish date : July 2020

Written by : Sebastien BAERT

In his last contribution, Manfred Kets de Vries from #INSEAD advocates the benefit of being patient and provides several approaches to familiarize one’s mind with one of the three kinds of patience.
– Discover your patience triggers
– Reframe the situation
– Fantasise
– Practice empathy, gratitude, mindfulness
– Use humour
– Be realistic
– Ask others for help

To that list of tips, I would add to four additional ones:
– To trust the process. Change happens everywhere anytime. It may take you by surprise.
– To set back and to observe the situation at a more profound level. You may notice something to be exciting about it. Leverage the circumstances that the status does not change to learn the most out of your observation.
– To look at yourself in a mirror when you are impatient. You may notice that you are at the edge to display an angry/ugly face.
– To consider that being patient in an impatient world is a disruptive act. Hence, you may be very well noticed by your environment.

“For those of us who weren’t born with patience, the good news is that patience can be learned.”

Does anyone feel impatient to start?

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To cultivate patience in an impatient world - July 2020 - article réalisé par Sebastien BAERT

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