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People development under New York Organization

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Publish date : April 2020

Written by : Sebastien BAERT

In this report, #BCG draws a list of 7 people priorities that would be part of the reality of the “new now” organizations.

1. #Smartwork (such as remote work, travel reduction, and virtual meetings) will be the standard across organizations.
2. Employees’ physical and #mentalhealth will be organizational cornerstones.
3. A new paradigm for skills and talent will emerge.
4. We will have a flexible workforce.
5. #Leadership will come from the head, heart, and hands.
6. Organizations will be led to a #purposedriven culture.
7. The bionic organization will emerge with a new operating model and robust digital backbone.

Some of the points sound fair to me. Nonetheless, the magnitude of changes (i.e. mindset and processes) to be implemented seems daunting.
Organizations need to find ways to survive and to avoid #burning themselves out as well.

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People development under New York Organization - April 2020 - article réalisé par Sebastien BAERT

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