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Take time to reach out to those you lead

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Publish date : April 2020

Written by : Sebastien BAERT

In their last #HBR article, Francesca Gino and Dan Cable provided clear guidelines to leaders who wish to help their people get through the crisis.
1. Think about how you can serve the people you lead. Take time to reach out to those you lead. Ask them how they’re doing and how you can help. This would boost #engagement and help employees bring more of themselves to work.
2. Help employees discover their personal #purpose. Discuss with them whether any elements of their work have changed or will change. Get them to prioritize whom they are trying to serve and what they need from you in order to be effective.
3. Encourage employees to reflect on opportunities to recraft their jobs. Discuss with them what abilities and talents would they like to use more in their work? What would they like to learn? This would allow employees to play to their strengths and the “best self” starts to determine the way they work. When employees can bring their best selves to work, they feel more autonomous, and their work feels more meaningful. Work feels like it matters more when we get to decide how it’s done.

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Take time to reach out to those you lead - April 2020 - article réalisé par Sebastien BAERT

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